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How to check internet quality on Roku?

Check internet quality

To stream and watch your favorites on Roku, internet connection is a must. When you face network errors, you could follow the below troubleshooting steps or visit page


· Check for the network settings - wired or wireless and ensure you disable the network pings

· Uninstall the outdated software on your device and update it to the latest version


· Make sure you furnish valid credentials such as the username and password

· Select internet connection option from Network under Settings. This will enable the checking of wireless signal strength and the respective settings


· Make sure you do not connect multiple devices to the router to enhance the signal strength. Also, use a wireless range extender to enhance the signal strength

Make sure you place your device in close proximity to the router

Verify the validity of the code

After powering on the Roku device and switching on the TV you find that the code on the screen during the activation process, you encounter the Roku activation code not working issue. Try to refresh the device to provide a new code. Make sure that the code generated has not expired because this code has an expiration period, similar to the working of an OTP SMS that expires after a short duration of time. Are you absolutely sure that the code you entered is correct? Often one can also assume that the entered code is correct.

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