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Roku setup issues

Issues on Roku setup

Roku customers often get stuck with issues on Roku setup and it’s time to get rid of it executing the available tips and tricks. Let us explain you the common issues and tricks to get rid of it. For clear details visit page.


Find the error type

As the first and foremost step it’s our suggestion to find out the type of error first. Once you have an idea on cause of the error it’s easy to resolve the issues on Roku setup.


Most common error types

The error codes that pop up on your device are of many types and here we list our some of the most common errors that popup.


Roku activation errors

· Suggest you to check and verify the activation steps and ensure that it is valid. Always make sure that you never miss any of these guidelines


· Try reading and understanding the Roku setup guide before you proceed

· Deactivate the device and try activating it once again

· Use an alternate device for streaming and check if the errors still remain

Activation code error

· The code that you use must be active and valid. Or else you can get a new code tapping on the star button of your remote


· Talk to our support team and you will be provided with a new code

Roku account error

· Check the Roku account that you use and make sure that it is valid

· If the account that you use is not valid suggest you to deactivate the account and try creating a new account


· Validate and verify the Roku account credentials that you use ( Roku account username and password)

How to get rid of internet connectivity issues?

· Network or connectivity issues are common and as we have a lot of tips and tricks to resolve it, suggest you to use the tips that are compatible


· Use only good quality router

· Check the network username and password for wired connection

· Go for a device restart or reset and this step will help to avoid most of the errors


If you are unable to get rid of Issues on Roku setup,try contacting our customer support number @ +1-844-839-1180.

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