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TBS activation issues - Roku

How to complete the activation

· Login to your Roku account and link your streaming player first

· Navigate to the Roku home menu and for any channel search, select the Roku channel store


· Enter the channel name ‘TBS’ in the search bar to get the TBS channel app or visit page

· And then, locate the channel in the search results

· You can also search under channel categories

· Once you complete searching, select the TBS channel app and click on the ADD CHANNEL button


· This process will add the TBS channel to your Roku device and Roku account

· Perform a System update to make sure that the channel reflects on the device menu


· Since this is a paid channel, you may have to enter your credit card details or a PayPal account

· This will fetch a channel activation code which must be used to complete the activation


· Take the code and enter without any error on website from your mobile or computer

If at all you do face TBS activation issues, then make use of the following troubleshooting tips.


In case of errors

· Failure in the channel activation process commonly occurs when there is a slow internet connection


· So, make sure you have a stable and strong network connection and also, place your Roku closer to the router

· Ensure your caps lock key is turned on or off on your keypad as the activation code is case sensitive


· Make sure your Roku device has the latest software update because older versions can lead to TBS activation issues

For additional support in troubleshooting this channel, give us a call at our toll-free number @ +1-844-839-1180 or visit page.

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